The guests of Maso Stella with a passion for golf can rely on the Tesino Golf Club “La Farfalla” (Butterfly). This candid and naïve name tells a lot about the countryside and the scenery in which the club Is located.
Placed on the Coldanè, a corner of land still untouched of this part of Trentino, it is definitely the ideal place where to stay in the spirit of sport and serenity.
It is a nine – hole course whose realization has been advantaged by the natural course of the terrain. The course twists along 2770 mt and it is well laid among a green landscape, punctuated by the small towns of Castello, Cinte and Pieve.
Services include a club house and a pub (bar),a practice course with 10 designed stations and a putting – green. The rhythm of the golf game meet perfectly the healthy and breathable air at the feet of the Lagorai Chain.
The Golf Club is only ten minutes from Maso Stella.
To find more information about the timetable and prices of the Golf Club please contact the official website