The Museum “Per Via “in Pieve Tesino wants to tell a tradition that for centuries represented the most important element of identity of the Tesino people.
Protagonists are the “Popular prints”, the true specialization of the peddlers together with their artifacts which are now very rare,like the “cassela” which was used to transport the merchandize on the shoulder, the archival documents, pictures and most of all the memories, which you can’t see nor touch, but can be told and handed down.
The museum is hosted in the house that in 1800 was propriety of a family that for generations had sold stamps. Ideally the museum wants to receive in this “ house of the memories” the return of all the people of the Tesino that for centuries had to leave the valley to earn a living and go to Europe and in the world . Casa Buffa Giacantoni has been reopened and has started again to live: periodic shows that will highlight various aspects of this long adventure: thinking about those people that already know this story to consolidate and enrich the memories, and to those who don’t know it yet , to passionate them to an entire world to be discovered.
An opportunity for the guests of Maso Stella to get to know the tradition of the peddlers’ life Tesino.
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