Castello Tesino caves have been discovered in 1927. The entrance of the Castello Tesino Caveis at 960 mts.l. , and it is the only one that is equipped for the visit of the tourists. It is placed on the right bank of the creek Senaiga and it is 700 meters long. Twisting inside the mountain this cavity is of karst nature and it is characterized by small galleries, arabesques, stalactites and stalagmites formed during the course of several millenniums.
The constant temperature, the very high humidity and the possibility of nourishment linked to the presence of water are all positive conditions for a rich subterranean flora and fauna.
The cave contains in many places marks carved on the walls that seem to belong to the “UrsusSpeleus Ros”, a cavern bear of the same age of the prehistoric man in the Quaternary age. In Trentino there are only a few fossil remains of this kind and the Cave of Castello Tesino is the only one that holds these rare and precious traces. The cave can be visited only with a guide and upon reservation.

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