One of the main attractions at disposal of the guests of Maso Stella is definately the Astronomical Observatory in Tesino. It rises up at the height of 1260 meters s.l., only one km from the Maso Stella, on a peak placed south west of Celado, the upland that hosts also Maso Stella and you can reach it by following the SP 212. Next to the Observatory there is a wide parking lot.

The Astronomical Observatory of Celado hosts some very strong telescopes. The main telescope is a refractor in Newton configuration, with the main mirror with a 800mm diameter and a focal length of 3200 mm (N800).

Parallel to this telesclope there are:

  • a refractor with a 150 mm diameter and a focal of 1200 mm (R150) which is used to observe the Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon during daylight hours (with Mylarsolar filter);
  • a Coronado telescope (R40)with hydrogen-alpha (H-alpha) solar filter toobserve the Sun;
  • A telescope with a 66 mm diameter to observe wide parts of the sky.

During the day  you can observe either the Sun, the Moon and the planets  Mercury and Venus. At night you can see the most spectacular celestial bodies depending on the season (Moon, planets, globular clusters, nebulas, galaxies).

To find  the timetable of the visits and prices contact the official website