A tour that the guests of Maso Stella can’t definitely miss is “Arte Sella”: the contemporary mountain.
It is the place where, starting 30 years ago, the mountain meets contemporary art.
Art and nature melt in a constant dialogue, in which artists coming from different parts of the world, are invited to meet Val di Sella and to realize crafts which get nourishment from the peculiar history and nature of the place.
Along these 30 years dance, music, art in every form have hung around the paths of Arte Sella, giving life to projects and events like “FucinaArte Sella” or “The Nature of the Thought”. An exclusive creative process that, along a path lasted 30 years, has seen the meeting of different artistic languages, sensibilities, inspirations, all linked by the desire to reach together a fruitful and continuous dialogue between creativity and the natural world.

The exhibition path that starts from Malga Costa offers the visitors the possibility to plunge in a wide park area and discover the monumental crafts of Arte Sella, among which you will be impressed by the Vegetal Cathedral, the Theatre of Arte Sella, the Third Paradise and the “Trabucco di Montagna”.
Malga Costa is also a concert room, a performance space and a meeting point.
One of the main access points of Arte Sella is Villa Strobele which is a palace where, in 1986, was born Arte Sella. From 2016 the wide garden, which keeps some of the Arte Sella crafts, can be visited again by the tourists. From this garden you can enter in the Arte Natura Path which is a forest that runs for about 2 km on the south side of Monte Armentera.
The path differs from the usual hiking excursions but it will let experience an unforgettable voyage to the person who gets into it through the nature and its noises, through art and its colours.
The discovery of a living and untouched wood of smelling musk and impressive trees will let the visitor taste even more the crafts’ charm and the harmony which from 1986 come to life, live and die in these places of rare beauty.
The handwork of Matilde Grau, “Intersticios “which shows the walker the changing of the path.
Walking farther along a tiny and very suggestive path of clay you will reach a biotope that has got an interesting alpine pond in which very often the artists of Arte Sella have left their print.
Arte Sella is opened every day except on Christmas Day.
For more information about timetable and prices go to www.artesella.it